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About Us

At Oh My Gacha! we source the best blind box, ball jointed dolls, gachapon* and plushies from all around the world.

They can be purchased at our online shop or instore.

* Please note Gachapon is only available in store.

What We Do

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What is a Blind Box?

A Blind Box is packaged securely to keep its contents secret.

They are packaged identically and nobody – including us – knows which toy is inside.

The series is pictured on the side of the box, along with odds of finding each one. You may also see “chase” or secret figures, these figures are super rare and as a result are harder to get than others.

Each box contains a figure and a corresponding ID card.

What one will you get, will you get your favourite or the chase?

What is Gachapon?

Gachapon, refers to both the machine and the capsule toys.

It gained its name from a Japanese onomatopoeia, “Gacha-gacha” is the sound of the machine handle being cracked, and “Pon” is the sound as the capsule toys comes out of the machine.

Opening a gashapon capsule is exciting.

If you are collecting a specific series, there is a big possibility you can get a repeat item. Don’t worry, you can still keep the item, sell them or give it to someone special.

Gachapon is only available in store.

What are you waiting for you never know what surprises are waiting for you!

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